Wook Lee

Salesforce LIVE
Every year Salesforce hosts a 4-day long conference called Dreamforce. Together with a small team of designers and developers, I helped to design and build a multi-channel online broadcast experience.

Although the physical venue only supports 60,000 attendees, the online stream of the event was to reach up to 3 million viewers worldwide. We ultimately broke expectations and reached 8 million unique viewers.

Our challenge was to design a interface that displayed four unique channels of content to stream simultaneously. Furthermore, how do we evoke a sense of immediacy in the content that is streaming? How do we emphasize the fact that is being watched is happening right now, live.

I was highly involved in wire framing screens at every stage of interaction, ensuring that all functions of the site were not only included but designed accessibly. I created user flows and high level layouts for the site's different screens and functions.

My work also included designing a responsive version of the site that would work across a variety of mobile platforms i.e tablets, phones, laptops, desktop. This required a meticulous understanding of the various mediums through which the site would be accessed. This kind of responsiveness required tailoring features of the site that would work regardless of user's with different screen sizes.

Interaction Modeling
Experimenting and ideating different possible interactions is one of my strongest suits. Here, I prototyped a variety of different ways that the website would work when a user interacted with its variety of features.

I used Keynote transitions to prototype these simple interactions. Although certainly not the most robust of prototyping programs, Keynote is still an extremely easy and quick tool to prototype on the fly.

Because there are four different channels of various content streaming at differing times of the day, having a simple and easy means of visualizing the events of the day is imperative. I had to consider different means of emphasizing the events that would be occuring right now, as well as those that would appear later. Having a easily understood overview of the conference is crucial in having users come back and tune into certain events that they are interested in.